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Everything leads to JESUS

Jennifer, an experienced professional with 20+ years in teaching and leadership, impacts lives globally. As a speaker and upcoming author, her insights bridge cultures, drawn from a decade of international ministry.

Armed with an M.Ed. and a youth pastor commission, Jennifer blends education and spirituality. Formerly leading youth ministries for prominent Ohio churches, she’s now an adept executive and life coach focusing on life transitions.

In 2012, she founded Serenity Consulting Group, LLC, empowering individuals to excel. Certified as a coach and a member of the International Christian Coaching Institute, Jennifer prioritizes holistic growth.

Beyond work, she travels worldwide as a missionary, sharing Christian principles and facilitating trauma healing. Based in Houston, Texas, Jennifer enjoys a fulfilling personal life with her husband, David, and their two adult children. Her pursuits in books, photography, and hikes mirror her zest for life’s beauty.

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